Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Beacon of "Light"

So I'm ripping through the end of my body weight beach workout the other night and three young dudes come up to me. One guy who was a beach lifeguard says, "So sir, is this what you do to stay into it?" Of course, it doesn't take much of an opening for me to start talking up health--or any opening for that matter! We had a great conversation about health stuff. He's got a new daughter being born this week. I urged him to make sure she didn't become obese like so many other kids. He got to thinking about all this and after walking away came back to ask more questions about core training. In a few seconds I was able to assess that he had some significant inflexibility in his low back and hamstrings. I gave him some homework. He was happy as a clam. I'm proud to say at this point in my life that I KNOW I can make a huge impact on someone in just a few minutes--I strive to be a beacon of LIGHT in the sinking abyss of obesity that so many suffer with daily. I'm great at getting into people's heads--even if they don't like it! I just tell the truth about health--that is all. Simple. Straight up. Bottom line. That's how I "role" as my good friend Kevin Rail would say...now Kevin is another story I'll save for later. This guy is ON FIRE for health man! Are you? Seaside fit this week and on my MTB, Coach RJ

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