Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Fat Foods Back in Schools!

I'm livid today--f'ing pissed! National media is breaking on increasing food costs pushing schools to return to selling "fat" foods so they can make money instead of offering healthier foods to our obese and unfit youth. Apparently, the healthy foods cost more money, and the soda and junk food crap can be sold with profits. What about our failing national health? How much is that costing us?! And our schools?! I simply cannot believe this absolute stupidity--it's total bullshit! Since I'm offended by this, it's time to go on the offense again. There are a few people in this country willing to step up for today's children and their health--I'm one of them! Putting more junk food into our schools and children is shameful and WRONG! There is no justification good enough to make SHIT smell like health--NONE!!! Heated in SoCal, Coach RJ!

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