Saturday, May 23, 2009

Day 873

This is my 873rd straight day of exercising "at least" 30 minutes per day. The Lean Berets would be proud!!!
Tonight for 873? I'm heading to the park in Valencia, CA with my KBs for some snatching, SLDL, light CP. Might do some MVO2...not sure yet. Don't want to totally blow myself before the KBLA Line Up as Doc might get frisky beings it's Memorial Day weekend! We all get pretty emotional about supporting the troops...might be some extra pain to enjoy Sunday morning! But alas, for now, as the sun is warming and preparing to drop over the SoCal mountains, I head to the park for Day 873.
On Friday, June 19th, I'll be hitting Day 900. Anyone care to throw down that Friday night in Valencia with kettlebell HARD style? At least one person will be You can't miss me...I'll be the one sweaty my arse off with iron in my hand. From Sunny SoCal, Coach RJ!

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