Sunday, June 7, 2009

Glenn Sundby (1921-2009)

Glenn Sundby & RJ, November 2002
In time the sea may wash it all away, for nothing is ever here to stay.
But to lives that were changed as for new goals they did reach,
--Glenn Sundby, Muscle Beach Pioneer

A fellow fitness friend and "Physical Culturist" named Glenn Sundby died a few weeks ago. Glenn helped people like Jack LaLanne start Muscle Beach in Santa Monica, CA back in the early 1930s. Glen also was a major player in the development of USA Gymnastics. Quite a guy. I consider Glenn one of my mentors. He changed my life for the better. I had the privilege of speaking with him a few times and doing one in-depth interview. Here's my web section on Glenn with some cool photos taken from my 2002 interview. "Happy Handstands" Glenn! I WILL continue your efforts to promote and LIVE life-long fitness and health!
In remembrance, Coach RJ

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