Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Road Warrior & Day After

Well, I spent another five hours on an airplane Sunday plus one hour in traffic getting to airport then another hour leaving the next one--plus errands after I got there! My back hurt! Actually, it felt better by doing my warm-up and some extra spinal mobility stuff. I'm telling you there IS a magic to simple movement! I was in Target recently. A morbidly obese woman in her late forties was behind me with a package of those damn Tyson Any'Tizers and a Cocktails for Dummies book! She waddled out with all of them later. I hate those Any'Tizers and their marketing! I'm going to write an article about them in my next newsletter! I went to the store today and bought one! I had to hide it under my reusable shopping bag until I hit the counter. What a waste of $2.50! But, I'll make it worth while with my story. On that lady @ Target and people like her...I always want to say something to people because I know I can help them so fast and so clearly, but how do you begin that sort of conversation at a store line?!!! I felt bad for her. Today I noticed more than usual all the crap on TV, media, and pretty much everywhere about eating disorders, diets, etc. My God we are jacked up when it comes to eating food! The best thing I did for myself on my own nutrition lately was to listen to my Wellcoach Bro Kevin Rail going off about how Americans are getting duped by the hype at the supermarkets and beyond. A few minutes with this guy and one of two things are going to happen...you're either going to start thinking about what the hell you're eating and why or you're going to be running as fast as you can the other way...well maybe waddling for some. I've really been thinking about what I'm eating more at the store. I've been eating well for years, but the last couple of months I'm really getting more into it. It's cool. Health is cool! It's great to eat good food for your body and appreciate what you've got when it comes to health. More people should do it! Take care, Coach RJ!

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