Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Super Rep Sunday!

I got a wild hair before the Super Bowl again. Like some years past, I decided to exercise for 60 minutes before the game's kickoff. Here are the rules of engagement: 60 minutes prior to game only--no exercise distractions "during" the game! Only exercise on commercial breaks. If you're finishing a set as the commercial ends, you can finish up the set as they start coverage again. I chose body weight exercises only this year. In years past, I sometimes used a pair of DBs. In 60 minutes on "commercial time" only, I ripped off a total of 865 reps in the following categories: 150 military push ups, 290 bicycle crunches, 345 prisoner squats, and 80 Superman Pointers. Set reps ranged from 20-80 depending upon exercise. When 60 minutes was over, I drank my favorite beers--420 Pale Ales made in Atlanta--then ate my wife's homemade veggie and turkey pizza...and enjoyed the game! Oh...had a few of her chocolate chip cookies too, but I figured I earned them after 865 reps! Ripping in A-Town, Coach RJ!

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