Wednesday, January 30, 2008

P90-X: Coach RJ Gets Burned!

I conducted an experiment the last couple of months. I stopped thinking like a professional corporate Wellcoach at times and started thinking like an average health consumer. I wanted to explore what a non-wellness professional goes through when shopping, trying to lose weight, and purchasing fitness equipment. It was an amazing "education" to say the least.

I've been watching the cool P90-X infomercials for years. I liked their simplicity and straight forward approach. This program basically uses body weight, dumbbells, and a pull up bar along with what appears to be some great workout programming. So, in late 2007, I dropped $260 and ordered the DVDs and pull up bar. My experience with P90-X as a consumer had the opposite effect I had hoped for--they made my blood boil when I realized they burned me with deception!
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