Friday, January 25, 2008

High Blood Pressure-In 3 Year Olds!

I got an update from a government organization the other day about a new pocket guide for high blood pressure in kids--as young as three years old! My God! The American apathy regarding the health of their own children ceases to amaze me! Why are we accepting this crap?! Giving your three year old high blood pressure is shameful. No excuses are good enough. Not my business? Bull! We are all paying for this lack of personal health responsibility! Whatever blood fat I have today just got boiled off after seeing the above! Travel Notes: Holed up on the Central Coast of Cali today in Paso Robles. Mucho rain--and snow in this region the last couple of days. Supposed to hike on Saturday with a group from work but might get blown out due to storms...will hit the gym again if needed. Rain? No problem. I'll still get my DAILY workout. Keeping it real, Coach RJ!

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