Monday, January 14, 2008

Trail Goddess Meredith Emerson...

So I hit the trail for the first time since Meredith was found dead yesterday...reflective I might add. Just a few seconds in, a nice family came walking down. Mom, Dad, and three "fit" kids. As they went by I said hello and "Wow--these are FIT kids!" The Mom said, "Yeah, they ARE fit kids." I couldn't help but think the parents walked away a little taller feeling proud of their family. It was somewhat odd to see a whole family with everyone fit...times have changed. Feeling the good chi and thinking of Meredith, I came to the realization that she has become a literal "Trail Goddess." This feeling was warm to me in a recent week of frenzied activity helping to plan some memorial hikes for her. A few minutes later a guy came wheeling down the trail in a wheelchair! I think he had cerebral palsy but was happy as a clam to be out on the trail bouncing his ass off coming down. I thought my God--NO EXCUSES! Of all the people I worked with the last decade that have lame excuses about why they can't or won't exercise and this guy is off roading in his friggin' wheelchair. That guy kicked ass! I love it! I got up to the big old oak tree and just sat down. No damn iPod. Just me and the wind. I watched some hawks cruising around catching the updrafts. They were so efficient. I watched them for a long time. They reminded me of fighter jets...they just made these big swings around the canyon in and out of the shadows...very cool. Then up and down without event or confrontation...hope is eternal I guess that there are still some nice people in this world and on the trails. Many were on the trail yesterday for me to experience. Thanks Meredith. From the trail, Coach RJ!

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