Monday, March 3, 2008

Cheetos Argument!

My four year old twins told me this morning they don't like Cheetos. Apparently, they have been arguing with their fellow students at the preschool where Cheetos are served. Ronnie and Cade tell the other kids they are nasty and taste bad and are not healthy. The other kids argue back saying they taste great and good food. See what a difference assertive training makes vs. passive acceptance?!!! If YOU don't stand up for what is right, as in health, the junk food giants will brainwash your kids into thinking crap like Cheetos is good food. Let's THINK about this for a minute! Why is there an argument that Cheetos are good? Cheetos are clearly toxic and completely manufactured food. It's not rocket science folks. Ronnie and Cade already know that eating food like that will make them sick and slow them down. Isn't 20+ years of obesity and diabetes increases enough evidence so far?!!! Cade actually said Cheetos will make you throw up. They refuse the status quo of ILLness through food in this country! Good for them. Your kids are next. Good wholesome food and health...or junk food, obesity, and illness. It's time for a change. Join the revolution--for health! Fighting for my kids' lives, Coach RJ!

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