Sunday, March 23, 2008

My Weekend in SoCal

Weather was awesome in SoCal this weekend! Did another corporate hike at East Canyon in Santa Clarita. Flowers are coming out, clean air, really pretty. Tonight I went for an easy spin on my MTB along the river bike path. I rolled up on a bobcat stalking some one's backyard. Pretty cool animal. We curiously checked each other out as I rode by the quick and agile cat. After a few pull ups and push ups at the local park, I saw the cat again on the return darting into the river brush. I've seen a couple of bobcats on East Canyon too--even a mountain lion one day! While the bobcats are cool, I can do without the mountain lion sightings! An Easter in solitude for me today. Spent most of the day working...the life of a road warrior Wellcoach. KFC announced grilled chicken today! Health-minded customers forced them to change. Keep it coming baby! The more health the better, and it's about time! From sunny SoCal today, Coach RJ

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