Sunday, May 11, 2008

Aging WELL or Like Crap!

Spent some time with my grandma this weekend who is 83. Her friend was at the party who is 95. They both are active, do volunteer work, stay busy, and are fun and sharp to talk with. Both are NOT obese...interesting to me. Tonight on the LA news they ran a story about a woman that after five years has her black belt. She's 73 years old! And wants her fifth degree belt before "she gets old"!!! A few days ago a morbidly obese woman was at the store in one of those damn electric scooters--I hate those things! She was so fat she wouldn't even get up to lower the electric scooter tray on her car by hand--she leaned out away from her scooter and worked the controls with the end of her cane! She could walk when she wanted to--she chose to sit. I keep hearing about people having breathing problems from sleep apnea which has been tied to obesity. You would think when people start suffocating themselves with their OWN fat they would have a friggin' clue! What is it going to take?! I swear it makes absolutely no sense to me sometimes...too fat to breath, too fat to walk, take more pills, or keep kicking butt after 80. YOUR choice! Oh by the many medications does my grandma take per day? NONE! She's 83 years old and needs no pills because she walks her butt off and works in her garden! Take that one to the bank. Coach RJ!

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