Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Spring Hatch, Swim Team, White Space...

The new cardinals are out in Atlanta! I've noticed they only come out in the evening. The older cardinals are out early and mid-day, but for some reason, the babies that are flying but small are just around in the early evening. I've got a full gym in my basement--squat rack, Olympic plates, dumbbells, balls, tubing, kettlebells, bikes, and all kinds of other stuff. I use all of it. I've got to say though that watching all the cool birds in my backyard here in Atlanta has been just as good for my health. I love watching those birds at the dining table. My twins have grown up watching the birds and other animals. It's cool. Never had much of that in California, but Atlanta is so forested there are many more animals. The twins started the swim team this year. They are only four. I'm not a fan of pushing kids early in sport programs--it screws them up more than it helps them. But this is a local team for our own subdivision--the Saratoga Sharks. The adults are there to make sure the kids enjoy swimming--that is all. It's fitness fun first, so I'm cool with it. My wife Candas is the coach for the little ones. I'm on the sidelines for a change--and LOVING it! It's nice to sit off and take photos and hang out instead of leading...refreshing actually. Speaking of refreshing, I've been taking more down time to rejuvenate before completely destroying myself--or rather--getting more white space between the lines of intensity. Y'all should take note as well. We work too much and too long and end up screwing up our performance. If I get enough rest, I then get more done and have more punch! I'm more effective at work, more inspirational to others, more positive, it's better for not only my health, but others as well. We have a lot in America--and we've paid the price for all "our stuff" that in reality has made us less happy, more depressed, and more dependant upon other countries and imports. I'm convinced that getting back to some old school simplicity is in the FUTURE--not the past. Case in point! I bought a new Z car in 2006. I specifically bought the "base" model--no extra bullshit, nav crap, electric seats I don't need, etc. There is a simple joy in adjusting the seat with an old fashioned lever or knob! My Tahoe has a fancy seat. I still can't figure the damn thing out. We both hate it! We are shopping for a more green car now. Candas told me yesterday she wants a car with NO electric seat options! Just the basics...simple, no's good for health. Enjoying HOTlanta this week, Coach RJ

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