Monday, September 29, 2008

Gasless in Atlanta, Critical Mass Comrades!

Home in Atlanta this week--and virtually NO gas! I can walk or ride to get food--for this I am thankful. Stocks crash! America hemorrhaging! Health care failing! Is all this bad? No. It's an opportunity for people to get off their ass and change. First things first Comrades--GET FIT! If you think America can rebuild on a foundation of epidemic obesity, diabetes, and failing health...think again! Or rather just think. Americans tend to wait too long sometimes before they spring into action. My God--I hope our waiting is OVER. Get a clue--NO ONE IS COMING! No matter what happens, any moron should know that being fit and healthy is NOT going to make anything worse! It can only help--and it doesn't even cost a lot of money! Failing health care and doctors cost a lot of money. Doing a body weight workout and eating "real" food does not. Critical mass baby. The time is NOW. Let's "ROLE" as Lean Beret Kevin Rail would say, who by the way, has just moved to NYC! If you want to get it on in NYC with straight up no BS health, fitness, and nutrition, contact me so I can put you touch with K-Rail. This guy is one in a million man--if that! With minimal gas but serious fitness in Atlanta, Coach RJ!

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