Sunday, October 12, 2008

Smokin' KBs in Santa Monica today!

Yes Comrades, yet another wild fire in SoCal today! My was even smokey in Santa Monica at the KBLA workout. Dr. Cheng had to cut the workout short...we were starting to gag. My lungs are still scratchy tonight. Nasty! Nonetheless, our homework points for this week, so time for preparation!
  1. Heel Drive: Continue to work on driving the heels into ground for the optimal force transfer and safety. The "Curb" drill will teach us...the hard way! Place heels on concrete curb allowing front part of feet to hang off over gutter. Arches should be off curb. Proceed to do your KB swings with slightly less weight. I swing the 24kg, so for the curb I will use the 16kg. If your heels are not firmly planted, guess what? You end up in the street! The curb--will teach you the hard way.
  2. Linkage: Coming up from the heels, there is a sequence for the HARD style locks. Basically...Heels-knees-glutes-abs-lats. For optimal force, they must ALL be locked at the appropriate time.

Off to San Antonio this week for a few days of training. Stay fit. Keep a sweat going...I will! From Smokey SoCal, Coach RJ!

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