Monday, October 20, 2008

Into the night...

Tonight as the SoCal sun set over the mountain range, I was throwing my kettlebells into the near total darkness...sweat mixed with fall coolness. I spoke with tribal Bro and fellow Wellcoach Kevin Rail tonight in NYC. We both have lonely lives in many ways. We passionately train. Work with our people to get them fit and strong, yet spend a lot of time in solitude. Not complaining. It is our warrior path--as it should be. Deadlifting, ladder pressing, push pressing, light volume snatching into the darkness with my all black RKC kettlebells while my iPod shuffle clipped to my visor was cranking Motorhead and Motley Crue...still feeling Dr. Cheng's Sunday Morning Lineup class yesterday in Santa Monica...enjoying the pain Comrades! From the darkness of Santa Clarita Valley, Coach RJ!

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