Tuesday, March 22, 2011


So the story goes I was sitting in Denny's eating my oatmeal while working on the road this week.  The lady next to me was going on and on about the hassles of life and health insurance in her senior years. The guy across the table was asking her how she even got health and life insurance because of her own health status. Apparently she had a heart attack then had to have a coronary artery stint put in to pry open her clogged arteries. Then I look over on my table and see this sign about "Baconalia!" which basically glorifies the same diet and lifestyle that caused the lady's heart attack sitting next to me.

It amazes me what a disconnect people have in America between THEIR health and THEIR OWN behaviors! The best person to take care of your health is YOU--not doctors or drug companies.

I just read a study basically saying that Americans have no clue how to be healthy. I tend to believe it when having an experience like this week at Denny's. I keep going back to simplification. Why? Because far too many people are still clueless about the BASICS of health.

Health Lesson of the Day: Buying into the BS "Baconalia" at Denny's is not good for you.  Not only are you eating way too much fat, but in that fat, there are many stored toxins not to mention all the sodium and other preservatives. Would an occasional serving of bacon kill you? No. Would a life of Baconalia! improve the quality of your health and the increase the strength of America? No.

Next time I eat there, I think I'll take my Sharpie and add this to the sign so it reads: "BEWARE OF THE Baconalia!"

Oh...guess what the woman was eating that had the heart attack, coronary stint, and insurance problems?  Bacon.

Keeping it real--simple, Coach RJ

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