Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Foot Tripod

Sometimes it's best to take a "step" back and simplify.  We've been talking about foot fitness for years, but I wanted to pass this really short video by Mike Robertson on the "Foot Tripod."  While I've known about the foot needing to sit flat on the ground with the arch lifted for years, I never thought about the foot as a simple tripod.  I've heard yoga instructors talk about points of contact, but this video really made it all come full circle..

If you've been following along and benefiting from the foot fitness stuff, I think you'll get something out of the video.  Mike is one of the top corrective exercise guys around.  I've been following his podcasts and materials for over a year now and am flying back east to work with him in April at a special workshop.  Great guy.  He keeps it simple-and effective. 

From the ground up-with Tripod!
Coach RJ

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