Saturday, December 20, 2008

Extreme Radicalism

So yes, I'm being ranked as an extreme radical. NO--I have not joined the Taliban, but I have joined other "extreme" radicals like Jack LaLanne, Richard Simmons, Pavel and the RKC, my Bro Kevin Rail and co-founder of The Lean Berets, and others who like me have an EXTREME and radical position--of getting a nation full of illness, obesity, and sloth healthy! Straight up--NO BS: When you try to change some 80% of a population, there is going to be some heat, complaints, and people offended. So be it. Any moron should be able to see that we need some extreme measures for extreme times i.e. get OFF ass and get to work. Any moron...yet we are still having arguments and debates about whether or not people should be personally responsible for their own health and get in shape. Here's a news flash! If you're overweight and out of shape, it's YOUR fault. Not mine. Not LaLanne's. Not anyone else's fault but yours. It is what it is. Now take ACTION and change it. Want to take action? I'm here to help. So is Jack, Richard, Kevin, and many other health and fitness pros. Key concept here--YOU have to do the work. We can't do it for you. We also refuse to own YOUR health behavior dysfunction and disease. That's yours. Change while you still can, or simply, Enjoy the Pain because that is what you're going to get. Keeping it real, Coach RJ

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