Sunday, December 14, 2008

KBs, Metallica, & Truffles!

KBs: Another KB PR on Saturday Comrades! 100 snatch reps in 5:24 with the 24kg. Felt GREAT! And for those that don't like my "Comrade" diction--get over it. Go back to your donuts and leave me alone because I'm BUSY getting it on!
Metallica: Hit the Metallica and Lamb of God show last night in Fresno. I don't like Fresno, but I love Metallica. An awesome show. Heavy metal without a kettlebell for sure! Lamb of God for a warm up set the tone--HARD and FAST! Metallica was awesome. This was my third time seeing my all-time favorite band. Why do I like them so much? They age well. They stay hard. They stay fast. Why ask for more?!!!
Truffles: Okay, so I'm in Trader Joe's tonight waiting to pay for my: mixed greens, avocados, and bananas, and I spot the truffles. I check them out thinking they'd be out of control with fat and calories, but NO! Not bad. I had a moment--of weakness! I bought them! And now I'm eating "one" serving which is five totalling 240 calories.
I guess when you are closing in on completing TWO full years of exercise without ever missing a day, you can eat truffles after setting a kettlebell PR and seeing Metallica.
Keeping it hard, fast, and real from a cold and windy SoCal tonight, Coach RJ!

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