Saturday, April 18, 2009

32KG & Lamb of God @10:30 PM!

I just got my new RKC 32kg kettlebell today. A minute ago I walked by it at 10:30 PM and thought what the hell. I grabbed onto it for 20 swings. Whew! What a rocker! Talk about a quick jump in heart rate! There will be some more recalibration with this bad boy in the weeks to come for sure. All the while, I had my new Lamb of God "Wrath" album revving in the background. Righteous. Lamb of God and a 32kg at 10:30 PM! That's good stuff!
Just did another intro to kettlebell workshop today for corporate clients. I think my best workshop so far. I keep putting more and more emphasis on "movement first" before loading. It makes a lot of sense. Clean up your movement patterns BEFORE throwing down so you don't jack yourself up. Nothing worse that adding a bunch of strength and power on top of poor movement patterns and compensations.
On other points, just got my scissor microphone arm set up today. Pretty sweet. Been getting into the on-line radio show Podcast with fellow Lean Beret Kevin Rail. I'm also starting to do some other "Coach RJ" podcasts that will be a little more straight up informational...tame compared to The Lean Berets throw downs but still rockers in terms of good information that is worth listening to. My God--I've got a lot of recording stuff! Another Shure 58 mic today. Nice quality sound now. Clean mics, board, good cords, etc. Nice equipment to rock and roll with HARD style and high performance health Comrades! I'm totally portable. I don't even need a power supply because I have my own portable batteries if needed. I told Rail tonight we could do a show on top of a mountain as long as we packed all the equipment up there (which we could do in back packs).
Great weather today in SoCal. Wow--must be pushing 90s almost. Summer is about here baby. Saw the hotties at the pool yesterday already. No complaints about the scenery in SoCal this weekend from RJ. Off to see Doc and KBLA again tomorrow for the Line Up finally after a hiatus while home in Atlanta. Packed my house in Atlanta. Moving back to California! Too much going on for me on the Left Coast. It's time to roll...and no time to waste. Rockin' HARD in SoCal, Coach RJ!

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