Monday, April 6, 2009

Back in the Day! Coach RJ-Circa 1977!

Coach RJ circa 1977. I'm on back row furthest to left.

I was cleaning and packing stuff in the basement today. I ran across my old high school year book. The cover flopped open, and I found some photos I had thought were long gone. One was a real classic of my North High School Varsity X-Country team proudly posing in the early fall of 1977. I was 17 years old in the photo. Even to this day, this period was one of the best times of my life! I loved those guys and our Coach Stan Ingram. We busted ass and won the league championship that year. Good times...they just don't get any better.

I took it upstairs to show my wife. She loved it! Then she said I didn't look that much different in the body than I did when I was 17. I started thinking about it. She was right. Other than less hair and the normal wear and tear from being an outdoor athlete most of my life, my body looks about the same! I'm not saying this to talk smack or make fun of other people. I'm saying it to motivate some people into NOT GIVING UP. It's sad that so many people seem to give up physically after high school. The body is an amazing machine everyone! If you'd just work with it instead of against it so much of the time, you'd be AMAZED at what it can do!

So, is it just my genetics keeping me fit at age 49 over 30 years after this photo? Hell NO! It's my work ethic. It's my daily discipline of exercise and eating well. It's that simple! Why wait? If you aren't on the health and fitness trail, get on it NOW because no one is getting any younger. Keeping it real...REAL FIT, Coach RJ!

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