Tuesday, March 31, 2009

What's "Really" Important?

I'm continually amazed about what people hassle with in life that is not that important. What is important? Here's my spin...
People that have worked their whole lives are now living in tent cities because they have lost their jobs, homes, savings, retirement, and just about everything else except what is left of their fighting spirits and the friggin' tent! THIS IS IMPORTANT! America pushing 2.5 trillion dollars per year on a broken healthcare system that is more of a "sick" care system and fixing this crap NOW is important! Millions of people that despite the absolutely amazing gains in corrective exercise and disease prevention methods available today still don't have a clue about what to do and where to go to get "real" help that won't rip them off is important! My friend that is one of the best fitness healers I've ever known that just lost his gym is important! Keeping my children healthy and educated enough to know that eating junk food and buying into American consumerism BS is NOT important IS IMPORTANT! Me getting away from people that whine about what is NOT important--is important! My God...some common sense and blue collar work ethic to get it on and fix these problems would go a long way!!! Keepin' in REAL, Coach RJ!

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