Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Lockouts @ Age 5 & Power Breathing?

The highlight of my day was tonight in my gym. While doing my dynamic warm up exercises prior to throwing down with the KBs, my five year old son Cade started asking me something I could not quite understand. I finally figured out what he was asking, "What about the lockouts Daddy?" I looked over there and he was making himself stiff really fast--he was trying to do the "HARD" style lockout drills! How funny. Then I noticed both he and his twin sister Ronnie were "power breathing" like me when they finished their exercises. Cute. Interesting too. Funny what kids pay attention to--sometimes really small details you don't think they notice. Makes me think of all the people eating junk food in front of their kids! The poor kids grow up thinking it's normal to eat toxic food! A few healthy behaviors with exercise and eating can go a LONG way with kids.
Well...at least in the Jones gym tonight, the kids are thinking and even doing "HARD" style. With healthy kids, there IS a future! Locked down in the South tonight, Coach RJ

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