Monday, March 30, 2009

800 Club!!!

"Do the DO!" -Steve Ilg
I joined the 800 Club the other week. I'm now over 800 straight days of exercising for at least 30 minutes per day without a day off. Starting in April, I'm rolling on my 28th straight month!

There are not many people that exercise over two years straight without ever missing a single day. Want to know how? I keep it simple. I just do something every day. That's it. I might do walking, yoga, hiking, kettlebells, cycling, running, body weight strength exercise, traditional strength training with Olympic weights, surfing, or something else, but regardless, I do something each and every day. Some days I go easy. Some days I go hard. Some days I go moderate--but I always GO!

Using this simple but consistent method, I've lost weight, increased lean mass, and improved my overall health and fitness the last two years. Is it reckless? No. Is it crazy? No. In my profession, I spend most of my time these days sitting in a car or at a computer or in a meeting with a client or group, so doing some exercise for 30 minutes per day is the LEAST I can do to take care of my vehicle in life--my body!

I don't keep exercise journals. I hate them. Too formal. They stress me out. I don't always know what I'll do that day when I wake up, but I do know one thing, I will do SOMETHING for 30 minutes that day as dedicated exercise.

It's been as simple as 10 minutes of my Dynamic Warm-Up or yoga before heading to the airport, then another "dedicated" 10 minutes of walking around or yoga at the airport before boarding, then another 10 minutes in Atlanta of "dedicated" exercise like walking instead of taking the tram while I wait for my family to arrive. It ALWAYS adds up to 30 minutes of "dedicated" exercise. Every day. Every week. Every month for the last 27 months.

The key is keeping it simple and being consistent. People underestimate the power of a daily discipline when it comes to exercising. Trust me on this one--it works.
Today? I went to the park with my family and we walked and played Frisbee for an hour. That's it. Very simple. We just played for exercise.
Want to learn more, check out The Lean Berets 30X30 Challenge. This is how I got started with DAILY exercise again.

In DAILY sweat, Coach RJ!

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