Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Speed of Sound...KBLA, etc.

Whew! What a dizzying year so far! I'm pretty stoked today. Hitting the road for Paso Robles this week to roll another one of my Intro to Kettlebell workshops and lead a corporate hike @ Pinnacles National Monument along the central coast of California...way cool area for hiking!
Just confirmed with KBLA's RKCs, Dr. Mark Cheng, John Spezzano, AND Nikki Schlosser to roll a corporate workshop for my clients in Cali this June. Doc is rolling his new "REBOOT" corrective exercise and KB workshop for me.
I'm WAY STOKED about Nikki coming! This woman is STRONG! She's got to be the strongest woman I've seen pound for pound. She can kick some SERIOUS ass Comrades! Feeble RJ might have to hide under my Z car which is not an easy task! :o) You know why I really like Nikki though even though I don't know her all that well personally yet?...because of what she represents for America. What's that you ask? STRENGTH. Straight up--NO BS. STRENGTH. This is very important right now and especially for the ladies. Bring it on Nik. It's time to "role" baby!
Seriously though...what a crew and honor! Cheng, Spezzano, and Schlosser bringing it HARD style in the true KBLA way. It just keeps getting better and better. From the Left Coast today, Coach RJ!

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