Sunday, March 29, 2009

LA 405 Madness & Shiner Bock

Last Tuesday, I was rolling down the 405 freeway in LA heading to the airport. As my airport shuttle van maneuvered for position to get off at the main LAX exit, this guy behind us in a new Range Rover got pissed off. He pulled up next to my driver giving him "the look." My driver made a hand gesture like he was flapping his jaw--but did NOT flip the other guy off. The other guy flew into a friggin' road rage and VIOLENTLY cut right in front of our van forcing the driver to cut HARD STYLE to the right. We pitched the 15 passenger van into a rain gutter causing the van to get a bit tipsy. The driver was able to control the emerging skid and pending rollover and bring us back into the lane before we crashed and burned. The asshole guy sped away.
To say I was not pissed off would be a lie. But much to my credit, I was able to stay pretty calm about it and help the driver deal with it better. Learning point? I'm glad I'm not such a shallow person like the bastard in the Ranger Rover! I mean really--the guy didn't even have the plates on his new ride yet. Was it worth killing a guy like me that had NOTHING to do with the situation--and the other people in the van because he might have been delayed 2.5 seconds? Was this worth going to prison over or knowing that you hurt or killed innocent people? I did not notice my van driver doing anything jerky or erratic prior to the incident with the guy. It's stupid to be screwing around with this kind of crap that doesn't even matter. Oh well...arrived early and had a good flight to Atlanta where I spent the week attending the American College of Sports Medicine Health & Fitness Summit.
The Shiner Bock? My Corporate Wellcoach friend and colleague Blaine Wilson from Texas brought two bottles of the Shiner Bock 100 year commemorator brews to our conference summit! Nice! Special edition Comrades! Enjoying Texas from the South tonight, Coach RJ

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