Monday, April 20, 2009

TKO Clean & Press?

For the first time ever, I nearly passed out cold with my kettlebell. On my last clean and press grind set of 1+1, I put up the 24kg on my non-dominant to the rack, and I felt the blood pressure change in my was a very weird experience. I'm not sure what happened really. I sort of "deflated" and lost my lock as I got soft then snapped out of it...and put the KB down. Workout OVER!
I had a great breakthrough workout though. FINALLY got through a major wall with my 24kg clean and press. I think my trainer partner Jim Marchesini had a lot to do with this. He's been encouraging me to clean the 32kg--just grind sets of racking it. I worked on this Saturday and Sunday a bit, and I swear to God, when I did a CP with the 24kg I felt like it was a 16kg! Got off 4 clean presses reps per side which is the most I've done in over three months...I got in a rut and was push pressing too much on my non-dominate side.
Anton helped a lot on Sunday at the KBLA Line Up too. He's really good at helping to get a really tight clean and rack so you are set up for a good HARD style press. Enjoying the improvements despite a slight "fade" at the end...maybe it was the heat? It got really hot today. Coach RJ

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