Thursday, July 23, 2009

Ron Jones-The Today Show appearance

Wellness Friends,
I’ll be featured on The Today Show this Friday, July 24th. We just taped my section of a piece yesterday in Ventura, CA on the issues related to child obesity and child abuse. The segment is supposed to air on the 7:00 AM hour; however, you will be able to access the segment after the broadcast on the website:

With obesity rising last year in 23 states and no states in America losing weight, child obesity is also a serious health issue. As a licensed Wellcoach and Avenger of Health, I hope to raise awareness with parents in America that will trigger action and behavioral changes at home for health, wellness, and prevention instead of sickness and disease.

“Big Ron” Carolus will be featured with me during the workout portion of the show. Big Ron has lost 140 pounds in less than a year through healthier eating and daily exercise. I’ve met some of the biggest names in fitness including Jack LaLanne—Big Ron is one of my absolute fitness heroes of all time! At 350 pounds and age 50, Big Ron recently hiked up to base camp on Mt. Whitney—an elevation of 12,000 feet—and was PASSING people on the trail. For those of you thinking you are too out of shape to try hiking or to be physically active—think again…hit the trail and take your kids with you.

Check out the show—then throw down for health and fitness.

“Anything in life is possible—make it happen!” –Jack LaLanne
In health-ALWAYS! --Coach RJ

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