Saturday, August 1, 2009

RKC Prep-Family Affair

STILL Smiling after 600 KB Swings!
Candas Jones-HARD Stylin'!!!

Not many wives would go along with their husband as he prepares for the RKC--but mine will. Candas was in tow today as we launched into 30 minutes of HARD-style kettlebell 2-arm swings for 30 straight minutes. We started the actual workout at high noon in Santa Clarita-SoCal. 90 degree weather. Open sun-NO shade. Sweating our asses off after just 10 minutes. Spent about 10 minutes on joint mobility and a few deadlifts to work the groove then threw down. She did 600 swings with the 16kg--no gloves--no whining. I did my 600 with the 24kg then added another minute straight to round off at 635 with my 24kg. Enjoying the pain together as husband and wife knowing that the time for bullshit is OVER and the time for strength is NOW Comrades!

Throwing down HARD style from SoCal, Coach RJ!

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