Wednesday, August 5, 2009

When in doubt...THROW DOWN

I had to apply The Lean Berets Credo tonight, "When in doubt--throw down in the SWEAT of the moment!" I was tired and stressed. Too bad. Time to train as part of my RKC Prep. Off to the park with KBs in tow.
Tonight's workout:
After mobility work and a few dead lifts and 20 swings, 300 snatches with the 24kg.
Method: Minutes sets of 10 per minute (5L+5R) at the top of each minute. At the end of 30 minutes, I threw in 1:00 minute of non-stop two-arm swings for the hell of it. I was exhausted. To my own work ethic credit the last 14 months, even when I'm little burned out from the fast lane of life, I can handle a lot of metabolic work. Tonight was not a "great" night for me in terms of chi, but I did it anyway. Enjoying the pain from a warm SoCal, Coach RJ

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