Friday, August 21, 2009

RKC Prep Updates & Training Partners

RJ & Tyler Saso-RKC Prep!

I've officially "peaked out" my RKC prep training at this point. I've been taking it easy with my workouts this week just doing my best to keep my edge and stay crisp without stagnating. My issue is usually over training...I can get carried away with the throwing down part. Tonight I'm going to snap out a quick SSST using my 16kg. I'll rip off 200+ reps in 10:00 to get my forearms to pump a little and stay in condition for loading and fatigue management.

I'd have to say my personal "Crossroads" workout was the other week with RKC candidate and training partner Tyler Saso. We'll be roommates next week. The above photo was taken after this grueling workout. I did 840 "HARD" style two-arm swings with my 24kg in 41:00. We did 20 reps at the top of each minute, rested about 32 seconds, repeated for 40:00 then the last minute did a blitz of 40 swings straight just for the hell of it. We did it in open sun in about 98 degrees to help us condition for the exposure we'll be getting at the San Diego RKC next week. Fellow KB friend Tim Johnson showed up too. I started thinking about my true "training partners" over the years...there have only been a few that I could count on to go as hard core as I needed to go. Most of the people that have trained with me at a competitive level over the years did not enjoy the experience. Like I said...I love the throw down part. Hard. Fast. Vicious. I'm happy.

What does it take to make this group? Ability to go hard without complaining...and I mean really hard. The attitude. NO BS. Intelligence. Passion. DISCIPLINE!!! Not a lot of athletes around like this today.
Who are these guys? Norm Hoffman would have to be "the" training partner of my life. He was a multi-national champion and multi-world record holder in masters cycling. He was my mentor, coach, training partner, and the closest friend I've ever had or will have in my life. He was killed while training on his bike for the nationals in March of 2001.

Tyler Saso is another. I met Tyler while training his collegiate football team in 2004. I used to play football with Tyler'' father Danny back in the day during high school. Tyler went on to get a degree in exercise science, intern under me, and is now a business partner and fellow Lean Beret-Avenger of Health! He's one of the FEW people that I can count on to go hard without complaining.

Others include Jim Marchesini (KBs, rock climber, mountaineering), Joe Gutcher (wrestling, MTB), Ryan Rickard (wrestling, MTB, road racing), Lucas Paugh (football). These are my training peeps. They kick ass. Straight up. NO BS. Year after year with me or anyone else throwing down. I love these guys man. Honorable to exchange sweat with such warriors throughout this fitness journey.

From a beautiful Paso Robles, CA today...Coach RJ!

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