Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Finding VFFs

A lot of people are wanting the Vibram Five Fingers (VFFs) but having problems finding them--especially retail at a physical location. I asked my friends and clients where they were finding them. I've compiled a list with a few links for everyone. These are places that came with personal recommendations from my clients or fitness friends. I'm sure there are more, but I don't know of them personally.
Models: I use the "KSO" (Keeps Stuff Out) model because they cover more of my feet so debris does not get inside when I'm out on the grass. Other models are more open top. One is designed for winter--more like a wetsuit so they are warmer. Different colors are offered too. You'll have to explore and see what you like.
Break In Period: I'd recommend wearing them a little bit at a time so your feet can get used to the extra demands. Throwing a pair of VFFs on for the day when you are not ready for them is like going into the gym for a 1-2 powerlifting and plyometrics session when you are completely out of shape...NOT GOOD! Your feet are weak if you have not been going barefoot and wearing shoes all the time. It's about "foot fitness." Feet need time to get in shape with sensible progressions just like other areas of the body. VFFs come with some recommendations, but basically listen to your feet. They'll let you know.


Retail (Cental Coast/SoCal):

Don't understand the whole VFF thing? Check out my detailed post on VFFs and Foot Fitness then Rock Your Feet!!!

In Foot Fitness! -Coach RJ


Billy said...

Hi Ron

I was inspried by your site about 3 years ago when I turned 50. I was fairly fit but suffered from back pain. I tried your dynamic warm up and stuck with it religiously. The pain diminished and I then got into pilates. As my back got stronger I returned to competitive squash and then back on my road bike. I discovered kettle bells this year and in admitting that I have not on your site in ages I was delighted to see a KB section had been added. Everything you say is so true and it has completely changed my way of not just exercising but thinking about exercise. At 53 I am getting stronger and fitter and my golf, squash, cycling and other activities have all show huge benefits. One question: what exactly is HARD STYLE. You refer to it a lot on your site but I cant find any real explanation.

Keep inspiring.

Billy (Duublin, Ireland)

Coach RJ said...

GREAT to hear about your progress! Thanks so much for the nice comments. I'm Irish by lineage, so I'm pleased to hear from Dublin. "Hardstyle" is the form of Kettlebell training pioneered by Pavel who created the RKC. There are many different systems or styles of kettlebell training. I only use Pavel's Hardstyle because I think it's safer and more effective with the sorts of people I want to reach in corporate wellness and with youth sports. Keep up the good work! In health, RJ