Sunday, November 29, 2009

Barefoot Running & Tarahumara Runners

Photo by Marcos Escobar

My ultrarunning friend and CNN reporter Ashley Fantz in Atlanta did a nice piece with Chris McDougall the author of “Born to Run” on the problems that shoes create for our feet. Unlike many of the running stories about barefoot running and Vibram Five Fingers, this piece actually had some images of the Tarahumara tribal ultrarunners in Mexico and their custom made sandals (basically bare budget VFFs) along with their absolutely beautiful and vibrant clothing…and functional I might add.

The Tarahumara run hundreds of miles per week in the rugged canyons of central Mexico’s Copper Canyon—with NO running shoes and none of the common injuries seen in Western countries that use fancy “high tech” running shoes. The Tarahumara run faster, more efficiently, and much safer than we do in this country. The Tarahumara are definitely worth studying when looking at injury prevention!

Oh…and one of the key findings on why they can run so much without injury? They enJOY running. :o)

Enjoy—more foot fitness and less running pain! (CNN Story) (Coppyer Canyon Ultra Marathon Info & Links to Tarahumara)
Once Foot Fitness, Coach RJ!

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