Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Using Root Cause Analysis (RCA) for Health & Foot Pain

If you appreciate corporate processes like RCA, Six Sigma, and LEAN, you might enjoy this post by corporate speaker and process trainer Mike Micklewright. Mike had foot problems and decided to use RCA to start asking his doctor the “Whys.” After about three whys, his doctor refused to participate—so he found another doctor that would keep answering the whys until he finally got to the root cause of his foot pain…and once again…it was a lack of foot fitness! All the conventional treatments were not getting to his root cause failure.

His introduction, explores why we don’t use RCA for health issues at home. Since RCA works so well to optimize performance at work, why don’t we use it more at home? Good point Mike!

For full post, see link below.

*By the way, I too have ripped out my own orthotics and fixed MY OWN foot pain by increasing the fitness of my foot which then enhanced the mobility of my ankle. All the podiatrists, orthotics, and cortisone shots never fixed the root cause failure of my foot which was weakness. Want less foot, ankle, knee, and back pain? Improve foot fitness which includes having optimal “mobility” and functional “stability”! --Coach RJ

Mike Micklewright is president of
QualityQuest Inc., a Chicago-based consulting, training, and facilitation company specializing in lean, ISO 9001, ISO/TS 16949, Six Sigma, and their integration. Micklewright is an ASQ-certified Six Sigma Black Belt, quality auditor, quality engineer, and quality manager. He holds a degree in general engineering from the University of Illinois and has worked in design, manufacturing, and quality engineering for the Saturn Corp. of General Motors and SeaquistPerfect Dispensing. Micklewright is a sought-after speaker and has had many articles published.


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