Monday, January 4, 2010

The Lean Berets 30X30 Challenge: Day 1

I'm taking The Lean Berets 30X30 New Year's Challenge again. I'll be doing an exercise blog for each of the 30 days to let you know what mind games I play with myself daily to force the fitness. Each day, I'll rank my mood from 0-10. 0=Almost Dead (hopefully that will not be listed!) to 10=Awesome!
It must be noted that on many days I DO NOT want to exercise--I do it anyway. I force the fitness. After three plus straight years of exercising at least 30 minutes per day without missing one single workout, I have yet to do ONE DAY of exercise where I wished I had not exercised! On every single day of the roughly 1,100 days so far, I was glad that I exercised...even when I was in a "bad mood" before the workout. This is VERY significant fitness friends! Think of the power of this testimonial then think about American issues with clinical depression today. Massive drug overload to combat depression. I have a simple solution...MOVE! It's amazing what just a slow and simple 30 minute walk can do to boost one's mood...and it's all good!

So here it goes for 2010:

Day 1: Mood=9 I'm super happy to be in our new neighborhood in Santa Clarita, CA. My friend was visiting with his Mom. I did a Kettlebell set up with her then went for an easy jog around the neighborhood to get a few extra minutes since I don't do a whole lot of volume or real "work" during my kettlebell demonstrations.

Workout: KB set up demos then easy jog with a friend

Total Time: 40 minutes

Comments: It was a good day. I love to help people learn about fitness and health. I was able to do this today to not only start a New Year in 2010, but also to model these behaviors for those around me.
In MOVEment...and NO EXCUSES! Coach RJ

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