Friday, January 15, 2010

The Lean Berets 30X30 Challenge: Day 13

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Workout: Spinal mobility with the Cat/Camel and Press Up then KB Turkish Get Ups with 16kg, some KB Clean & Press with 20kg followed by 30 minutes straight of leg work using the Tabata Protocol with Prisoner Squats and Box Lunges. If you're outside my corporate wellness coverage, you might not know about the Tabata Protocol intervals I use--one of my secret conditioning weapons that I use for not only corporate clients of all ages but also my collegiate football players during preseason. Tabata was a Japanese exercise physiolgist that studied Olympic speed skate training and come up with a great protocol for intensity and time using interval training. I don't know anyone that uses the Tabatas quite like I use them--just body weight with large leg movements, but I must say, they have amazing results even though we don't use any equipment with them. Interested? Check out my Tabata Protocol Handout, or if you are so inclined, check into my whole interval section on H.I.I.T.-High Intensity Interval Training.

Total Time: 60 minutes

Comments: It's a good night when you have to work your butt off just to keep up with one of your corporate clients over age 40 that is in such great shape! Scott always challenges me when I'm in Ventura to be the real deal. A lot of "so-called" health and fitness "professionals" don't even workout on a daily basis or eat well themselves. That's crap. Jillian Michaels was on the TV the other day flapping her jaw about how she was too busy the last month to exercise. NO EXERCISE for a month for her?!!! UNACCEPTABLE considering her position. That's not how I "ROLE" my fitness and health friends.

In Sweat--DAILY! -Coach RJ

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