Wednesday, January 6, 2010

The Lean Berets 30X30 Challenge: Day 6

Mood: 4

Workout: Joint mobility, double KB clean and press with 16kg (lots of sets...I didn't feel like counting), a couple sets of 16kg windmill presses, a few goblet squats with the 16kg too plus showing my twins how to punch with heavy gloves for self defense a few minutes...and playing on my new Indo Board with them which is WAY COOL.

Total Time: 30 minutes

Comments: This was a difficult day personally. I was already a bit fried from work challenges then I got slammed at home with "life" stuff. I did not feel like working out. I made myself do it. I was snippy before I hit the workout. Now I'm too tired to be snippy which is better for me and my family. Another day-another workout. Just taking one day at a time because anything beyond is too much right now. Seeing the twins so exuberant about exercising with Daddy made me perk up a bit though...that was worth the workout right there I think.

In MOVEment! Coach RJ


Be Well in 12 said...

Glad to see this again! As I noted in an email to you earlier (the email was re: plantar fasciitis), I was totally planning on doing this! And I did! I'm on day 8 and feeling fantabulous!!

PS- don't worry, I give full credit to you!

Coach RJ said...

Great to hear the good words of encouragement and SWEAT! It's not me--it's the message Comrade! But thanks for the kind words. Let's spread the good news together--of health and fitness! -RJ