Friday, January 8, 2010

The Lean Berets 30X30 Challenge: Day 8

Mood: 6

Workout: Joint mobility, KBs, DBs, Z-Health

Total Time: 30 minutes

Comments: My God! Another major day of stress challenges! I swear if it was not for my daily exercise, I'd be DEAD by now! More new home equipment failures today, major banking hassles, etc. I decided to just get right down with the KBs after my warm up tonight. Hit 2:00 straight with the 24kg swings, rest a few minutes, then launched into minute sets hitting around 18-20 swings at the top of each minute for 10:00. Finished with a few old school sets of DB chest press with 65# supersetted with DB straight curls with 25#.
I've lost a lot of fitness with all the moving stuff the last few months. Dealt with the 2:00 of swings better than I thought but when I hit the minute sets they nearly dropped me in my tracks. After 15 minutes of kettlebells, I was wasted and shaking...and still had 15 more minutes to workout! Hit the DBs then finished with some Z-Health back in the house. MAJOR reality check tonight. Time to get back into the saddle now that we are in the home. Stop screwing around with the foo foo...and kick serious ass--MY OWN! This works better for me and my personality. Light workouts are fine--just not to the point of losing fitness for me.
Way cool rest break tonight to watch the space station fly over our local mountain range in the slightly cool SoCal evening...pretty fast shooting star...many of our neighbors were all out there watching together. It was fun.
In Sweat! -Coach RJ


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Coach RJ said...

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