Monday, February 14, 2011

Energy Drinks Safety & Kids

I've been ranting about the health and safety issues regarding "energy" drinks for years, but lately they have been in the top stories of major news agencies.  Before any actual research came out, I had communicated with the American Dietary Association urging them to investigate.  I had been getting “field reports” from fellow athletes, coaches, and clients about people having cardiac issues and collapsing from energy drinks within the first 18-24 months of their release.  Sometimes if you wait for the “research,” you are already behind!  When people are passing out from energy drinks, you don’t need studies to demonstrate they are something to avoid.  After a few years though, the research is emerging to validate my previous stance.  I don't recommend them for youth or adults—athletic or not—they are bad news.  Most of the reports talk about the cardiac issues related to them, but my dentistry contacts have also been telling me there are some serious dental issues related to energy drinks because of their high acidity and the negative effects on tooth enamel and overall oral health…bacteria and decay right next to the brain—NOT good.  :o(

The deeper issue beyond physical complications  is the mental attitude that “energy” or a vigorous and mentally sharp existence can be found in a can (or pill).  Unfortunately, we now have a billion dollar “energy” drink industry that has sold our youth up this river of health scam--many are paying with their heart function, dental health, and obesity.  It is hard work to be healthy—let’s get to it.  The alternatives?  Not good—way more pain and expense than staying healthy and exercising daily.

To view a brief review from Pediatrics Journal on the health issues of these drinks for children, see below: 

If you want to view the full research article from the Pediatrics Journal, see below:

Need more?  I've seen enough.  These beverages are bad news from a health perspective.  Beyond general health, being properly hydrated and eating well will do far more to enhance athletic performance than any popular energy drink available.

In Child Safety, Coach RJ

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Bianca said...

These drinks should be kept out of reach of children. You should encourage them to drink water, or just juice instead of those highly-acidic drinks. As much as possible, don't spoil them with soda.

Bianca Jackson