Thursday, February 17, 2011

Nike Free Shoes Buying Guide

I've had some interesting dialogue the last few years about shoes and especially the Nike "Free" shoes in particular.  You can see all kinds of people wearing them now-especially many of my clients and family members.  We've had some amazing results with these shoes for improving not only the "fitness" of the feet but also the safety regarding how these shoes and others like them help to improve gait, function, and ease or even eliminate foot pain!  With some, they eliminated pain above the feet as well like in knees, hips, and back.

The "problem" with Nike Free shoes has been the general confusion about what they are and where to buy them.  They really started taking off last year-now they are found at many retail stores like Sport Chalet and others, so finding the "running" models are easy.  However, Nike has not made the educational information very user friendly or easy to access.

We discovered that the Nike Free sole design was being used on "non" running shoes-some are like office boots while others are actually being made for military and law enforcement.  No matter which Nike "Free" model you choose, it's still going to offer the same "foot-friendly" design which is more flexible than conventional shoes.  Reviews are typically very good to excellent even for the special forces "military" boots.

I must admit-this has been one of the most confusing handouts I have ever researched!!!  No wonder people had so many questions.  I did not realize the situation until I dug into it the last few days.

Special thanks to Randy Bennett for helping me locate some of the non-running models!

Here's the link to my new "Nike Free Shoes" handout that just went live today.   

Rock your feet!

Enjoy-better safety while walking from enhanced foot fitness,
Coach RJ


George Wells George Wells said...

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Irene_J said...

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