Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Biggest Loser & Exercise Safety

We've probably all been inspired by the transformations of people on The Biggest Loser TV show--myself included. However, the last couple of years the show has had some very questionable methods for fitness training. Once again the other week, one of the trainers demonstrated some very reckless kettlebell training that ignited a firestorm of criticism in the kettlebell world--this was not the first such incident. Beyond kettlebells, many of the biggest names in fitness are saying they now watch the show specifically to see what they will have to correct the following week after their clients see the reckless training methods and want to try them.

I feel obligated to comment on exercise safety and this show's methods. Some (not all) of their fitness training has become reckless and even at times outright dangerous. If you see something that looks really cool that you want to also try in your own workouts, please don't hesitate to ask a qualified fitness professional about any safety concerns you might have. I'll say this for sure--DO NOT duplicate any of the moves they are doing with a Russian Kettlebell!!! I've been really disappointed in a lot of their other exercises as well. They push people beyond what they can control in terms of joint strength and biomechanics. Kettlebells are the single most corrective tool in fitness today--but they have safety issues and require special training to properly engage with them. Once you know the safety of KBs, they will rock you and move you well. You won't get proper instruction on them watching shows like The Biggest Loser or looking at most of the stuff on YouTube. If you want to learn about KBs, find a certified RKC instructor near you.

Going hard core is fine. I enjoy it myself, but I would recommend that you only do what you can control. If not, more than likely your joints will pay the price in pain and injury...not good. Adding fitness on top of dysfunction is not efficient. You might get away with it for a while, but eventually your joints will take the hit. Prioritize joint mobility and safety FIRST then you'll move well with minimal risk for injury. Moving well and efficiently will enable you to also lose weight faster because you won't have as much or any downtime and you'll be able to burn more calories per minute because you can put the force where it belongs instead of leaking it out and breaking your joints. Exercise and safety really should go together.

Enjoy the show but with some reserve before trying everything you see. I've been inspired by the transformations. It's really great when people decide to take control of their own health and get their lives back. Power to them!
In Fitness,
Coach RJ

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