Thursday, September 24, 2009

Exercise Safety & Low-Light Conditions

Fall is here along with shorter days and less light. Just a reminder to be SEEN if exercising in low light conditions. I nearly hit two different people in my car the last two weeks--one was walking and one was riding a bike. Both had no lights and both were not properly in the lane.
The favorite color for exercise clothes with most people is probably black, but this is the hardest color to see in low light. Even when "walking" on the bike path like I was doing earlier this week with my family, there are safety issues after dark concerning collisions. Many people ride the bike path after dark on their bikes--most of them with NO headlamps, reflectors, or flashing lights. Walkers wear dark clothing and rarely have reflectors or lights. There are a number of street lamps that would reflect if a reflector was worn or clothing had built-in reflectorized materials (many shoes, shorts, and running tops now have this built into them).
A quick and simple item to consider is a reflective ankle band.

I've been using Jogalite Slimband ankle reflectors for years because they are small, light, and extremely reflective. I use this product during 24-Hour ultraendurance cycling events, and use them for routine bike rides, walks, and runs on public streets or along the bike path in low-light conditions. These lightweight bands are incredible! They even reflect during daylight hours. Simply Velcro the strap lightly around your ankle for added safety. You can purchase a pair for only $5.95 through Team Estrogen.

I've ordered hundreds of these reflectors for programs and corporate clients over the years. Local bike and sporting good stores will also have lightweight reflectors very similar to the Slimbands. They also make lightweight headlamps that strap on the head or even clip onto a visor--most are not very expensive--cheaper than a collision for sure! I went to a clip-on light for my running visor after colliding myself with another runner last year after dark on the bike path. :o( There are also predator issues after dark, so a little light can be very helpful for safety in many different areas.

Check out the Jogalite Slimbands here:

"See you" in a workout this fall,
Coach RJ

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