Sunday, March 23, 2008

My Weekend in SoCal

Weather was awesome in SoCal this weekend! Did another corporate hike at East Canyon in Santa Clarita. Flowers are coming out, clean air, really pretty. Tonight I went for an easy spin on my MTB along the river bike path. I rolled up on a bobcat stalking some one's backyard. Pretty cool animal. We curiously checked each other out as I rode by the quick and agile cat. After a few pull ups and push ups at the local park, I saw the cat again on the return darting into the river brush. I've seen a couple of bobcats on East Canyon too--even a mountain lion one day! While the bobcats are cool, I can do without the mountain lion sightings! An Easter in solitude for me today. Spent most of the day working...the life of a road warrior Wellcoach. KFC announced grilled chicken today! Health-minded customers forced them to change. Keep it coming baby! The more health the better, and it's about time! From sunny SoCal today, Coach RJ

Sunday, March 16, 2008

Getty Villa in Malibu

I took a day off and went to the Getty Villa in Malibu, CA to check out the Greek antiquities. I have long appreciated the Greek culture and its appreciation for the human body, health, and athletics. What a wonderful day. Pretty windy in SoCal but not as bad on the beach. A tad cool but refreshing. Rolling down PCH is not bad by any stretch! After a couple of hours at the Villa, I rolled my Z back up Topanga Canyon to 101 and back to Santa Clarita. Rejuvenation today! appreciate the body and muscle definition without obesity...time tested and TRUE. We should pay better attention. If you get a chance, check out the Getty Villa. It's free! The only thing you have to pay for is the $8 for parking. Food is reasonable inside. People are pleasant. What a breath of fresh air. In health from SoCal, Coach RJ

Friday, March 7, 2008

Atlanta's Birds

I love Atlanta's birds! I've really enjoyed watching them this winter. The Cardinals are my favorite bird. They show up in the early winter. Their reddish orange color almost looks fluorescent against the dark gray of winter. Our dining area overlooks a forest greenbelt. My family has spent hours eating and watching the wildlife out back. The twins have learned a lot about life watching the forest activities. On any given day, we have and can see: about 6 different species of birds at one time, squirrels, chipmunks, snakes, turtles, and the occasional neighborhood cat cruising by. But my favorites are always the Cardinals. They are wary birds--very cautious about humans. Just seeing us move behind the glass can make them exit. We have a bird feeder on the patio deck near our window. The twins have learned to be still and watch so they don't scare the feathered friends. It's soothing to sit and watch the forest. Primal survival...nature's order. Life itself is it not? How about nature's big screen with high def? Definately more educational for children that TV trash. Reflective in Atlanta, Coach RJ

Monday, March 3, 2008

Cheetos Argument!

My four year old twins told me this morning they don't like Cheetos. Apparently, they have been arguing with their fellow students at the preschool where Cheetos are served. Ronnie and Cade tell the other kids they are nasty and taste bad and are not healthy. The other kids argue back saying they taste great and good food. See what a difference assertive training makes vs. passive acceptance?!!! If YOU don't stand up for what is right, as in health, the junk food giants will brainwash your kids into thinking crap like Cheetos is good food. Let's THINK about this for a minute! Why is there an argument that Cheetos are good? Cheetos are clearly toxic and completely manufactured food. It's not rocket science folks. Ronnie and Cade already know that eating food like that will make them sick and slow them down. Isn't 20+ years of obesity and diabetes increases enough evidence so far?!!! Cade actually said Cheetos will make you throw up. They refuse the status quo of ILLness through food in this country! Good for them. Your kids are next. Good wholesome food and health...or junk food, obesity, and illness. It's time for a change. Join the revolution--for health! Fighting for my kids' lives, Coach RJ!