Wednesday, January 30, 2008

P90-X: Coach RJ Gets Burned!

I conducted an experiment the last couple of months. I stopped thinking like a professional corporate Wellcoach at times and started thinking like an average health consumer. I wanted to explore what a non-wellness professional goes through when shopping, trying to lose weight, and purchasing fitness equipment. It was an amazing "education" to say the least.

I've been watching the cool P90-X infomercials for years. I liked their simplicity and straight forward approach. This program basically uses body weight, dumbbells, and a pull up bar along with what appears to be some great workout programming. So, in late 2007, I dropped $260 and ordered the DVDs and pull up bar. My experience with P90-X as a consumer had the opposite effect I had hoped for--they made my blood boil when I realized they burned me with deception!
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Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Elephant Seals

I was working on the central coast of California last week and was fortunate enough to see the amazing Elephant Seals near San Simeon. They come back yearly to certain spots in this region to give birth to the young pups. The older bulls are up to 3,000 pounds! After some work early Sunday, I looped back to this area for a second day to check out the famous Hearst Castle. While in the castle, the winter storm raged outside bending palms and howling through the solid concrete walls...quite a good storm out in Cali this last week with some well deserved rain for a change. If you get a chance to check out the amazing Elephant Seals, go for it. They are well worth the effort. It's been a looonnnggg month...New Year's is hopping for people in my business. In seal chi, Coach RJ

Friday, January 25, 2008

High Blood Pressure-In 3 Year Olds!

I got an update from a government organization the other day about a new pocket guide for high blood pressure in kids--as young as three years old! My God! The American apathy regarding the health of their own children ceases to amaze me! Why are we accepting this crap?! Giving your three year old high blood pressure is shameful. No excuses are good enough. Not my business? Bull! We are all paying for this lack of personal health responsibility! Whatever blood fat I have today just got boiled off after seeing the above! Travel Notes: Holed up on the Central Coast of Cali today in Paso Robles. Mucho rain--and snow in this region the last couple of days. Supposed to hike on Saturday with a group from work but might get blown out due to storms...will hit the gym again if needed. Rain? No problem. I'll still get my DAILY workout. Keeping it real, Coach RJ!

Monday, January 14, 2008

Trail Goddess Meredith Emerson...

So I hit the trail for the first time since Meredith was found dead yesterday...reflective I might add. Just a few seconds in, a nice family came walking down. Mom, Dad, and three "fit" kids. As they went by I said hello and "Wow--these are FIT kids!" The Mom said, "Yeah, they ARE fit kids." I couldn't help but think the parents walked away a little taller feeling proud of their family. It was somewhat odd to see a whole family with everyone fit...times have changed. Feeling the good chi and thinking of Meredith, I came to the realization that she has become a literal "Trail Goddess." This feeling was warm to me in a recent week of frenzied activity helping to plan some memorial hikes for her. A few minutes later a guy came wheeling down the trail in a wheelchair! I think he had cerebral palsy but was happy as a clam to be out on the trail bouncing his ass off coming down. I thought my God--NO EXCUSES! Of all the people I worked with the last decade that have lame excuses about why they can't or won't exercise and this guy is off roading in his friggin' wheelchair. That guy kicked ass! I love it! I got up to the big old oak tree and just sat down. No damn iPod. Just me and the wind. I watched some hawks cruising around catching the updrafts. They were so efficient. I watched them for a long time. They reminded me of fighter jets...they just made these big swings around the canyon in and out of the shadows...very cool. Then up and down without event or confrontation...hope is eternal I guess that there are still some nice people in this world and on the trails. Many were on the trail yesterday for me to experience. Thanks Meredith. From the trail, Coach RJ!

Friday, January 11, 2008

Meredith Emerson Grieving...

Why does a person working 2,300 miles from home get involved to organize an event for someone he never met before? Because it is the right thing to do. I did not know Meredith--yet we knew each other well through universal love of nature, hiking, and outdoor chi. Atlanta's own Dr. Martin Luther King said it best I think, "Our lives begin to end the day we become silent about things that matter." This one matters. I've got to do my part to turn this thing around--to find something positive for healing out of this whole disgusting mess of Meredith's murder. I have not been this emotionally upset about an incident since my best friend Norm Hoffman was killed by a car driver while riding his bike in March 2001. There will be a point in your life when you will be called upon to do the right thing and NOT be silent--but to take ACTION. Some person or a group of people might ask you--or the universe might ask you--regardless, it is a moment of truth I think. I won't even be able to make the Memorial hike in Georgia in my physical body because I'm on the road right now...but by God I'll be there in SPIRIT. This one matters. It's time to speak. Reflective today, Coach RJ

Thursday, January 10, 2008

Meredith Emerson Memorial Hike

I refuse to take this lying down! I'm helping to get the word out about a Memorial Hike for Meredith on Sunday, January 20th. Please see link to show support Atlanta and hike communities! We MUST exercise our right to hike and enjoy nature's positive energy! Don't let someone like Hilton keep you from getting outdoors. Be Safe. Be Aware, See you ON the trail! Coach RJ

Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Hiker Meredith Emerson

I'm so damn angry today and completely horrified--even violated--about what happened to the young grad student hiker Meredith Emerson this week outside Atlanta. My whole career is dedicated to getting people to do what Meredith was doing--exercising to be healthy. When some asshole harms someone trying to be healthy, it is like assaulting me or my own family. I feel like a part of humanity eroded this week. It's depressing. As I rebound, I (we) must fight back for our right to be healthy and fit whether on the trails, in the parks, or riding our bikes. Let us all be AWARE of where we are and who is around that might not have the same core values and passion for making the world a better place through fitness and health. I'm sorry Meredith. I was trail running in Atlanta on New Year's Day--the day you were murdered. Why couldn't I have been closer to hear your cries? Why couldn't I or someone else been able to help you that horrible day? What possesses someone to get up in the morning, eat breakfast, take a crap reading the paper, then go about "their business" to find someone to murder that is totally innocent and minding their own business on a nature hike?!!! Why do some only serve to harm instead of making the world BETTER? How in the hell can a person even live with themselves after such an evil act? Why couldn't I have heard Meredith and ripped that guy's f'ing head off?!!! I gladly would have voluteered for the task! I'm so frustrated...and so sorry. God Speed Meredith. From a spiritually Cloudy Cali today, Coach RJ