Saturday, November 24, 2007

BC Wins Again! 12-0 Baby!

OMG! My boys just won again in double overtime! BC Collegiate Football is now 12-0. One more victory and we'll be in the CA community college playoffs! I had to listen to the game on the web because I'm in Atlanta this week. I'm so proud of my guys. We've been busting our asses since June to cut a razor's edge in both mind and body. GO GADES! I'm so proud of you guys and our coaching staff! Heartpounding in ATL, Coach RJ!

Monday, November 19, 2007

This and that...

Well my collegiate football players won again--they are now 11-0!!! I've started to realize that I'm really part of something special, even more than before...we are entering such a zone of tribal passage...a special place that few people ever experience. Since 2004, I have worked with this program to get them in position for a state championship in CA. Two more victories, and we'll be at the State game at a time for now. I've been trying to get more sleep lately! I have not done well on this the last couple of years--constantly working and traveling. I went flat at times. Sleep is good for production and rejuvenation! Speaking of which, I've been taking more photos lately for fun. It lets me take a break from the 24/7 world of saving America and wellness. I enjoy photography. Much of my photo art has nothing to do with health or fitness--which is probably a good thing so I can relax and let down a bit. Atlanta is still dry. So is Cali. Interesting. I never thought I'd say that someplace like Bakersfield had more water than Atlanta, but this is how it's stacking up! Ready for THANKSgiving, Coach RJ

Monday, November 5, 2007

My Newsletter!

I finally kicked out my first e-Newsletter today. My God...I thought that thing was going to be the death of me at one point! I'm going to have some fun with it though--just keeping it simple and straight up like I do best. Technology can be frustrating. Months of dealing with it then I couldn't get the sign up icon to work correctly. I got plenty of the CCC (convoluted cryptic crap), but to no avail. The newsletter company couldn't help me. When I tell people to keep it simple, it stumps them. It's simple. I can't get my button to show on my site; therefore, most people won't know about my new newsletter! While I'm no techno geek by any means, I'm also not a complete tech moron. I have to think that if I'm struggling this much, so are a lot of other people. My affiliate programs are the same way. They are so complicated with the HTML coding into the product icons that I don't even hardly participate. It shouldn't be that damn complicated. I don't think technology has made things that much better--worse in terms of stress I think. I was longing for the old school pencil and rotary dial phone today! You can sign up for my Health e-News here. Teched out for the day, Coach RJ