Friday, August 27, 2010

Therapy Tools

"The Rotator" Shoulder Therapy Tool
I just put up a new web section and handout on "Therapy Tools for Self-Help." I've been working on it around three years and writing it since last December!

I use some very "unique" tools for effective self-healing like: The Rotator, The Stick, The FootLog, MarV Handles, Neti Pot, Theracane, YogaToes, plus other "fitness" items like KBs, Indian Clubs, TRX, & balls that are used in very different ways. There are even more listed on my weblink below. I hope they help you!
In PROactive Health, Coach RJ!

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Foot-Friendly Safety Boots

Carolina #CA1424 Women's Boot
Above is a Men's Wolverine #WO4707 "Slip On" boot--my #1 Choice.

My speciality in Corporate Wellness is with industrial companies. While I can work with any culture, I enjoy the industrial end of wellness. I got a tip from one of my guys about "safety" boots (boots with special steel or carbon toes and shank protection, etc.) that were meeting my "foot-friendly" recommendations for being flexible. I have found that the more flexible your shoes (or even safety boots), the happier your feet will be and the better your brain can control your movements. Our feet should really be thought of as "sensory organs" that have an extremely important job beyond just moving us down the neurological feedback to the brain!

I was pleasantly surprised that even steel-toe safety boots are now being made more flexible and what I call "Foot Friendly."

To view my "Foot-Friendly Safety Boots" handout, see link below.

In Foot-Fitness...Industrial Grade! -Coach RJ