Saturday, August 23, 2008

Sushi with Dr. Cheng

I had the honor of sitting down with Dr. Mark Cheng of Kettlebells Los Angeles last night for some excellent sushi and engaging conversation in Santa Monica about kettlebells, philosophy of training, and the always evolving business of fitness. The fish was FRESH and the conversation stimulating...and humbling. I'm a bottom line keep things simple guy. On way home last night, I asked myself, what is the take home point--bottom line? My own answer? I have a lot to learn! True--in the corporate wellness business I have obtained a hard-earned status as one of the best. Despite this place and reputation, I find it refreshing, and humbling, to know that I must also remain a life-long learner and student. We both agreed last night that if there is a better way to help our clients and students--we want to know! Dr. Cheng spoke so highly of the people that have helped him like Pavel, Gray Cook, and others. I am speaking highly of Dr. Cheng, Delaine Ross, and David Whitley who have all helped me personally beyond words the last few months to "Enter the Kettlebell" world. It's sort of like being a kid again with so much before me or like when I first entered college after 15 years in the blue collar workforce and realized there was so much to learn. The more I learn about kettlebells, the more I realize how much more is still out there! And it's only getting better! So's out to work on my fundamentals with the 24kg two-arm swings. At the advice of Dr. Cheng, I will swing for 2:00 focusing on perfect form for EACH rep. I'll be more patient with the TGUs today...and work on those stopping points to David Whitley referred to in one of his recent blogs...which even humbled the Iron Tamer himself! While there are many warriors in the RKC, with the best, there is also humility and an open mind to keep learning from each other to be better and better. Moving better--that's what it is all about for me--the bottom line. Next week--back in Atlanta to hang and train with RKC Delaine Ross @ Condition Kettlebell Gym! Enjoying the SoCal Sushi this weekend, Coach RJ!