Monday, October 20, 2008

Into the night...

Tonight as the SoCal sun set over the mountain range, I was throwing my kettlebells into the near total darkness...sweat mixed with fall coolness. I spoke with tribal Bro and fellow Wellcoach Kevin Rail tonight in NYC. We both have lonely lives in many ways. We passionately train. Work with our people to get them fit and strong, yet spend a lot of time in solitude. Not complaining. It is our warrior path--as it should be. Deadlifting, ladder pressing, push pressing, light volume snatching into the darkness with my all black RKC kettlebells while my iPod shuffle clipped to my visor was cranking Motorhead and Motley Crue...still feeling Dr. Cheng's Sunday Morning Lineup class yesterday in Santa Monica...enjoying the pain Comrades! From the darkness of Santa Clarita Valley, Coach RJ!

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

San Antonio this week...

So I'm in San Antonio this week for some coach training and staying with my Wellcoach colleague Blaine out in Fair Oaks Ranch. I have never seen so many deer in my life! They are literally everywhere. In the morning, afternoon, and evening. The front yard, back yard, golf course...Bambi overload! I've actually enjoyed them. They are calming. In Atlanta when you look out the back window you see all kinds of birds--they also have a calming effect. The nature thing is cool--good for the soul. I did a couple of walks in the evenings this week just looking at all the deer hanging around. Weather is good. Some rain today. Still warm. I miss my kettlebells though! I tried to find a KB gym here--no luck. Still doing my daily workouts, but man do I miss my beloved KBs. I need to enjoy the pain again! Back to LA on Friday. Hopefully by then the fires will be out so I can go outside and exercise. From the BIG state of Texas this week, Coach RJ

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Smokin' KBs in Santa Monica today!

Yes Comrades, yet another wild fire in SoCal today! My was even smokey in Santa Monica at the KBLA workout. Dr. Cheng had to cut the workout short...we were starting to gag. My lungs are still scratchy tonight. Nasty! Nonetheless, our homework points for this week, so time for preparation!
  1. Heel Drive: Continue to work on driving the heels into ground for the optimal force transfer and safety. The "Curb" drill will teach us...the hard way! Place heels on concrete curb allowing front part of feet to hang off over gutter. Arches should be off curb. Proceed to do your KB swings with slightly less weight. I swing the 24kg, so for the curb I will use the 16kg. If your heels are not firmly planted, guess what? You end up in the street! The curb--will teach you the hard way.
  2. Linkage: Coming up from the heels, there is a sequence for the HARD style locks. Basically...Heels-knees-glutes-abs-lats. For optimal force, they must ALL be locked at the appropriate time.

Off to San Antonio this week for a few days of training. Stay fit. Keep a sweat going...I will! From Smokey SoCal, Coach RJ!