Monday, September 29, 2008

Gasless in Atlanta, Critical Mass Comrades!

Home in Atlanta this week--and virtually NO gas! I can walk or ride to get food--for this I am thankful. Stocks crash! America hemorrhaging! Health care failing! Is all this bad? No. It's an opportunity for people to get off their ass and change. First things first Comrades--GET FIT! If you think America can rebuild on a foundation of epidemic obesity, diabetes, and failing health...think again! Or rather just think. Americans tend to wait too long sometimes before they spring into action. My God--I hope our waiting is OVER. Get a clue--NO ONE IS COMING! No matter what happens, any moron should know that being fit and healthy is NOT going to make anything worse! It can only help--and it doesn't even cost a lot of money! Failing health care and doctors cost a lot of money. Doing a body weight workout and eating "real" food does not. Critical mass baby. The time is NOW. Let's "ROLE" as Lean Beret Kevin Rail would say, who by the way, has just moved to NYC! If you want to get it on in NYC with straight up no BS health, fitness, and nutrition, contact me so I can put you touch with K-Rail. This guy is one in a million man--if that! With minimal gas but serious fitness in Atlanta, Coach RJ!

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Signs in the grass...

So I'm down in Huntington Beach, CA last week working out with my kettlebells on the beach. I'm literally getting stronger by the week with my KBs...nothing short of amazing. Inbetween sweating and heavy metal (KBs!), I'm looking around taking life in and notice a fortune cookie paper on the ground. Now I'm one of these people that ask what things in my life mean. If I see a raven circling over my head, I ask why? If someone comes into my life, I ask why? The fortune reads: "If you can't decide up or down, try moving from side to side." So I reflect. My life is in the fast lane of corporate wellness. America is bleeding. I know how to stop it. This is valuable. Things are happening. I'm at a Crossroads. Then I start looking closer after my next set...more fortunes! They read: "Education will never be as expensive as ignorance." and "An unexpected event will soon make your life more exciting." Interesting messages. I've spent a fortune on my education while others were investing in the stock market making lots of money. "So far" it has not really paid off...things ARE changing. As for the mystery event? It would not surprise me to "get the call" any day. Just a matter of time, or rather "energy." On the backside of two fortunes some Chinese words for "sympathize" and "very polite." Just senseless trash left by eco-clueless litterbugs? Maybe. Maybe not. Believe what you will. I think there are something to universal signs. I'm listening...
And the KBs! Been spending more energy on working form instead of VO2Max. Really getting my technique down--doing better to be HARD and clean. Not perfect, but better. It shows. I'm much stronger. Interesting. Just went to my 30 year high school reunion. Had to wonder how many of my classmates have doubled to tripled their functional strength the last FOUR MONTHS like I have. Answer? None. In Kettlebell Heavy Metal, Coach RJ!

Sunday, September 7, 2008

Kettlebells Los Angeles-Sunday Line Up

Just got back from Santa Monica and another great day working with Dr. Cheng and his Kettlebells Los Angeles comrades. You know there is a lot of jacked up stuff in this county when it comes to health, fitness, and disease, yet when being there this morning I feel...HOPE. There is hope this morning that some Americans are most definitely getting stronger and more fit. While most of you slept this Sunday morning at 7:00 AM, we were already lined up with hundreds of pounds of Russian kettlebells and getting it on. There is a bright ray of sunshine in SoCal this Sunday's Kettlebells Los Angeles.

Check out Kettlebells Los Angeles. Quality people. Heavy Iron. Serious Fitness. In Hard Style (or no style), Coach RJ!